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I'm now convinced that there's nothing that the Bush administration can't fix with more Executive power. Just listen to how the President can shrink the national budget deficit with the power of a line-item veto:

A line-item veto would allow the president to remove wasteful spending from a bill while preserving the rest of the legislation.


 A line-item veto would reduce the incentive for Congress to spend wastefully because when lawmakers know their pet projects will be held up to public scrutiny, they will be less likely to suggest them in the first place.

Why don't the stupid Representatives and Senators, representing the even stupider Americans, just do as he says? How many more billions does he have to sink in unending wars with juicy war contracts to Halliburton subsidiaries before we get this simple truth? He even resorted to a grand giveaway to pharmaceutical companies under the guise of Medicare Drug Benefits. This is not what the few real, smart Americans paid all their hard-earned estate taxes for, which, by the way, we greedily want them to continue doing, despite all that these fine folks have already sacrificed for us.

This President has less than two years to turn things around, and the lack of power is really getting in his way. It's not as if he hasn't tried to work around it, but we keep meddling with our nitpicking about esoteric minutiae like "checks and balances" and "constitutional rights." The nation can't afford this level of stupidity.

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